Force Kinetics  is deeply committed to the pursuit of quality and innovation in modern day ammunition manufacturing. Our genuine and essential responsibility is to implement and sustain highly enhanced quality standards within our manufacturing process, and we are constantly working to develop state-of-the-art technology to deliver the the safest and most innovative technology to the market including our domestic armed forces, law enforcement and to law abiding and responsible citizens.

Our defense ammunition is factory new, lead free, solid copper core expanding hollow point that is activated by hydrostatic pressure. Our projectiles are machined from solid bars and are designed to create a large wound channel, that expands at the point of contact with the intended target.

We are currently innovating multiple defense ammunition to cater to all our customers’ needs. We will launch the most advance ammunition for pistol calibers that include .40 caliber & 45 ACP as well as high tech ammunition for a variety of rifles.

We currently have available:

  • Ultimate Defense Ammunition (UDA)  maximum penetration is 17″. This line is produced with a nickel alloy casing which results in a 30% lighter round. It is 2x stronger then brass which results in more reloading without the loss of performance.


All ammunition is loaded to SAAMI specs. Out of every lot number, our loaders chronograph the first five rounds before loading, then chronograph five rounds every three hours to ensure accuracy and consistency throughout the lot. Our loading staff also tests each and every round to ensure that it properly fits in the chamber, and they manually inspect every primer and case for dents, imperfections, cracks and stains to make sure that the ammunition works. Whether it’s for home defense, a high stakes competition shoot, or just a fun day at the range, our customers deserve a product they can trust and depend on, and every single one of the products we build are done so with the highest level of quality in mind.

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